Adventures In Suburbia-Central Texas Style

This extra special sunset photo was taken about 1 second before my amazing man surprised me by getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him.

We decided to take a road trip to check off a bucket list item or two, on one randomly unscheduled weekend this summer. We got in the truck on Friday night and started driving east. We found ourselves having breakfast in the French Quarter. Beignets and coffee au lait at Cafe Du Monde, checked off the bucket list.

Since it was morning, we decided to keep driving. Ended up in Destin, Fl, We had heard a rumor about white sand beaches. A local waitress at the harbor steered us to this private beach, and we arrived at sunset.

I am such a sunset junkie I was just blown away by the beauty of the place, and taking photo after photo, when he chose the most perfect moment. Turns out the beaches are white. Amazingly white, like sugar.

...and I said yes.

some bonus photos:

Beignets and Cafe aulait at Cafe DuMonde
White sand beach in Destin Fl

Posted by Renee Giroux on February 18th, 2016 6:00 PM

Even the word sounds snarky and filled with stereotypes most people choose not to identify themselves with. Do you find yourself wondering: “Why suburbia?” Was suburbia part of ‘the plan?' Or was the siren call of good schools, parks, convenient shopping, and most of all affordable housing just too strong?
 For most of us we planned something a bit more glamorous: rural or urban. Even small town America has songs and movies romanticizing the lifestyle. We all thought Jack & Diane were pretty cool. Certainly we didn't expect to be keeping up with, much less become the Jones’!

As much as we think of negative stereotypes with “the Burbs” and “bedroom communities” we should remember why and how we got here in the first place.

In 1950 suburbia took over. Statistically more people officially lived in a suburb than any other area in the US. We also learned life was perfect and happiness awaited us, with the new family car, sleek new toaster, television and a the white picket fence of home ownership. It was the American Dream!

We also had Beaver, Lucy, and Ed Sullivan. Life was simple and happy in 1950’s suburbia. That is what we were sold. You might think this is where I climb up on my soap box to preach about all the issues and wrongs of the urban exodus via government sponsorship and great product marketing, but the thing it, life is easier in suburbia.

The reality is still true today. We live in suburbia because it is: convenient, beautiful, accessible, safe, with a sense of community, and allows for the American Dream of home ownership. We can work, shop, eat, learn, play, enjoy sports and culture, get medical care for ourselves our families and our pets, enjoy friends, and family all within our happy little community aka suburbia.

 Join me I explore, adventure, and uncover the gem that is my suburb:  Austin, Jester, Northwest Hills,  Cedar Park, Leander, Lake Travis, Lakeway,  Lago Vista, Point Venture, Liberty Hill, Georgetown, Round Rock, Pfulgerville, Dripping Springs, Briarcliff, Marble Falls, Bee Caves, The Hills, and the surrounding communities of Central Texas.


Posted by Renee Giroux on February 8th, 2016 12:40 PM


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